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Telescope Eyepiece

If you’re an avid astronomy enthusiast, then you know how important a quality telescope eyepiece can be for your observations and how do they work.

While telescopes eyepieces can cost hundreds of dollars, there are plenty of affordable options out there that will still allow you to explore the universe in detail.

In this guide, we’ll take a look at the best telescopes eyepieces available on the market today. So if you’re in the market for a new eyepieces, be sure to check out the reviews below!

Best Overall

SVBONY Ultra Wide Eyepieces Kit

Field of view: 68°

Focal Length: 6mm, 9mm, 15mm, 20mm

Eye Relief: 17mm

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Best Zoom

Celestron 8-24mm Zoom Eyepiece

Field of view: 40°- 60°

Focal Length: 8mm - 24mm

Eye Relief: 15mm - 18mm

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Best Budget

SVBONY Wide Angle Eyepieces Kit

Field of View: 62°

Focal Length: 4mm, 10mm, 23mm

Eye Relief: 9mm

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Our top 5 picks

These are our top 5 picks for the best telescope eyepieces in the current market. In no particular order, we think all the eyepieces on this list, while some are better than others, will give you the best stargazing experience, from the 100 degree FOV Tele Vue to the SVBONY zoom piece


The Celestron 8mm – 24mm Zoom Eyepiece is an incredibly versatile accessory that allows astronomers and nature observers to seamlessly transition between different magnifications.

Designed to be compatible with any telescope that accepts 1.25″ eyepieces, this premium zoom eyepiece offers users the ability to adjust the focal length anywhere between 8mm and 24mm.

The rubberized barrel provides a comfortable grip and allows users to smoothly change the magnification while observing through the eyepiece, eliminating the need to switch out eyepieces for different magnifications.

Key Specifications:

  1. Focal Length: The eyepiece offers an adjustable focal length ranging from 8mm to 24mm (0.31″ – 0.94″), providing a wide range of magnification options to suit various observing needs.

  2. Apparent Field of View: With an apparent field of view ranging from 40° to 60°, this eyepiece offers a comfortable viewing experience for both terrestrial observations and celestial objects, including the Moon, planets, and deep-sky targets.

  3. Eye Relief: The eyepiece provides an eye relief of 15mm to 18mm (0.59″ – 0.70″), accommodating both eyeglass wearers and non-eyeglass wearers for convenient and comfortable observations.


  1. Versatility: The zoom feature allows users to smoothly adjust the magnification, making it easy to quickly switch between different views of celestial and terrestrial objects without changing eyepieces.

  2. Premium Optics: Fully multi-coated premium optics ensure bright, sharp, and clear images, enhancing the observing experience and providing impressive visual details.

  3. Comfortable Viewing: The folding eyecup enables comfortable viewing with or without glasses, catering to observers with different visual needs.

  4. Wide Field of View: The adjustable field of view offers flexibility and versatility, making it suitable for various observing scenarios and objects.


  1. Limited Field of View at High Magnification: At the highest magnification setting, the field of view narrows (40°) compared to the lower magnification settings.

  2. Eye Relief Variability: While the eyepiece provides sufficient eye relief for most observers, those who wear glasses may find the eye relief at higher magnifications (18mm) slightly limiting.

The SVBONY Telescope Eyepiece FMC Broadband Green Film is a versatile set of eyepieces designed for a clear and crisp observing experience.

It includes four focal lengths: 6mm, 9mm, 15mm, and 20mm, providing low, medium, and high magnifications.

Unlike the standard SVBONY Gold Line eyepieces, this set offers an impressive 68-degree apparent field of view in comparison to the 62-degree of the previous one.

The eyepieces belong to the 68-degree ultra-wide series, offering a super wide 68-degree apparent field of view for expansive observations.

The optical lenses are fully multi-coated with a broadband green film for increased light permeability and sharp images.

The eyepiece housing is made of black anodized aluminum and internally blackened to eliminate light scattering.

Key Specifications:

  1. Focal Lengths: 6mm, 9mm, 15mm, and 20mm
  2. Apparent Field of View: 68 degrees
  3. Eye Relief: 17mm
  4. Barrel Size: 1.25″
  5. Lens Material: Optical glass, fully multi-coated with broadband green film
  6. Body Material: Black anodized aluminum, fully metal construction
  7. Filter Threads: Standard 1.25″ filter thread
  8. Optical Design: 5-elements in 3 groups (6mm), 6-elements in 4 groups (9mm), 4-elements in 3 groups (15mm), 5-elements in 3 groups (20mm)


  1. Wide Field of View: The 68-degree apparent field of view provides a broad and immersive observing experience, surpassing the 62-degree FOV offered by the SVBONY Gold Line eyepieces.
  2. High-Quality Optics: The fully multi-coated optical glass lenses and multi-element design ensure sharp and detailed images with excellent color correction and contrast.
  3. Versatile Magnification: With four focal lengths (6mm, 9mm, 15mm, and 20mm), users have a range of magnification options suitable for various observation needs.
  4. Comfortable Eye Relief: The 17mm eye relief is beneficial for eyeglass wearers, allowing for comfortable extended viewing sessions.
  5. Durable Construction: The black anodized aluminum housing with fully metal construction ensures the eyepieces are robust and long-lasting.


  1. Higher Cost: The SVBONY Eyepiece is more expensive compared to the SVBONY Gold Line eyepieces, but the enhanced 68-degree FOV justifies the higher price for users seeking a wider field of view.
  2. Limited Focal Length Options: While the set includes four focal lengths, some users might prefer more options to have a broader range of magnification choices.
  3. No Carry Case Included: It would be convenient to have a carry case included to keep the eyepieces organized and protected when not in use.

The SVBONY Wide Angle 1.25″ Telescope Eyepieces offer a superb visual experience with their fully multi-coated broadband glass and aspherical lenses.

These eyepieces are designed to enhance light transmission, resulting in brighter and higher-contrast images for both celestial and terrestrial observations.

The eyepieces come in three focal lengths: 4mm, 10mm, and 23mm, each providing a wide 62-degree field of view, which closely matches the natural field of view of the human eye, ensuring relaxed and immersive observations.

Key Specifications:

  1. Focal Lengths: The SVBONY eyepieces are available in three focal lengths – 4mm, 10mm, and 23mm, offering different magnifications for various observing needs.

  2. Field of View (FoV): With an expansive 62-degree field of view.

  3. Barrel Size: The eyepieces have a standard 1.25″ barrel size.

  4. Eye Lens Diameter: The eyepieces feature an eye lens diameter of 10mm.

  5. Eye Relief: Comfortable 9mm eye relief distance.

  6. Coating: The eyepieces are equipped with fully multi-coated (FMC) optics, reducing distortions and chromatic aberrations to deliver a bright, clear, and sharp field of view.

  7. Optical Material and Structure: High-quality glass and aspheric lenses, providing superior optical performance and minimizing image aberrations.

  8. Weight: Each eyepiece weighs approximately 42g (1.48oz)


  1. Enhanced Light Transmission: The fully multi-coated broadband glass and aspherical lenses significantly improve light transmission, resulting in brighter and high-contrast images.

  2. Wide Field of View: The 62-degree field of view offers expansive and immersive views of celestial objects, making it easier to observe larger areas of the sky.

  3. Comfortable Eye Relief: The 9mm eye relief ensures a comfortable observing experience for users, especially those who wear glasses.

  4. Durable Build: The eyepieces feature a plastic body with an aluminum drawtube, making them durable and suitable for outdoor use.

  5. Beginner-Friendly: The eyepieces are user-friendly and ideal for beginners, providing a pleasing observing experience without complicated adjustments.

  6. Threaded for Filters: The eyepieces are threaded for 1.25″ filters, allowing users to enhance their observations by using compatible filters for various targets.


  1. Limited Focal Length Options: While the three available focal lengths offer versatility, some users might prefer more focal length.

  2. Limited Eye Lens Diameter: The 10mm eye lens diameter might not be ideal for observers who require a wider eyepiece to accommodate glasses.

The SVBONY SV135 Zoom Eyepiece, while providing a wide field of view ranging from 40 to 57 degrees, has a lower field of view compared to the Celestron Zoom Eyepiece, which offers a field of view from 40 to 60 degrees.

Despite having a slightly narrower field of view, the SVBONY SV135 Zoom Eyepiece stands out as a more affordable option.

Its cost-effectiveness makes it an attractive choice for beginners and budget-conscious astronomers who are looking for a versatile and reliable zoom eyepiece without breaking the bank.

With the SV135’s adjustable focal length from 7mm to 21mm, observers can enjoy the flexibility of changing magnifications without needing to purchase multiple eyepieces.

This makes it a practical and economical option for those who want to explore a variety of celestial objects without the need for an extensive eyepiece collection.

The SVBONY SV135 Zoom Eyepiece is an excellent value-for-money choice, providing a broad range of magnifications and a comfortable field of view at a more affordable price point compared to the Celestron zoom eyepiece mentioned earlier.

Key Specifications:

  1. Zoom Range: The SV135 eyepiece offers a linear continuous zoom range from 7mm to 21mm, enabling users to adjust the magnification without swapping out eyepieces.

  2. Barrel Size: The eyepiece features a standard 1.25″ barrel size.

  3. Field of View (FoV): The wide-angle field of view ranges from 40 to 57 degrees.

  4. Eye Relief: The eyepiece offers a comfortable eye relief ranging from 18mm to 16.3mm.

  5. Lens Design and Coating: The eyepiece employs a 6-element 4-group premium optical design with fully multi-coated (FMC) ultra-high-quality standard coating.

  6. Filter Thread: The SV135 zoom eyepiece features an M28.5*0.6 filter thread on the bottom.

  7. Build Quality: The eyepiece boasts a full metal body with a fine black appearance, providing durability and aesthetic appeal.


  1. Versatile Zoom Range: The linear continuous zoom feature allows for seamless adjustments in magnification, providing users with flexibility during observations without needing to switch eyepieces.

  2. Wide Field of View: The 40-57° field of view ensures comfortable and immersive views of various celestial objects, making it ideal for both beginner and advanced observers.

  3. High-Quality Optics: The 6-element 4-group premium optical design and FMC coating deliver superior sharpness, brightness, and contrast compared to standard Plossl eyepieces.

  4. Comfortable Eye Relief: The 18mm – 16.3mm eye relief accommodates eyeglass wearers and offers a relaxed viewing experience, even during extended observations.

  5. Filter Compatibility: The M28.5*0.6 filter thread enables easy use of filters, enhancing the versatility of the eyepiece for specialized observations and astrophotography.


  1. Slightly Heavier: The eyepiece weighs 133g (4.67oz), which may be slightly heavier compared to some other eyepieces in its class.

The Tele Vue 13mm Ethos eyepiece is a premium and wide-angle eyepiece designed with the fundamental characteristics of a Tele Vue product: high contrast, comfortable eye relief, and full field sharpness.

It boasts a wide 100° apparent field of view, offering excellent on-axis sharpness and virtually zero astigmatism or field curvature across its expansive field.

The eyepiece provides a 13mm focal length, making it suitable for a variety of general observation needs on both near and deep-sky objects, ensuring an immersive and engaging observational experience.

The Tele Vue 13mm Ethos 2″ / 1.25″ eyepiece is an exceptional choice for enthusiasts and experienced observers seeking a wide field of view, high contrast, and sharp images for an unparalleled observing experience on a variety of celestial objects.

Its compatibility with both 1.25″ and 2″ accessories adds versatility to its usage, making it a valuable addition to any astronomer’s collection.

Key Specifications:

  1. Focal Length: 13mm
  2. Apparent Field of View: 100°
  3. Eye Relief: 15.0mm
  4. Eyepiece Barrel Diameter: 1.25″, 2″
  5. Field Stop Diameter: 22.3mm
  6. Dimensions: ø: 2.5 x L: 5.6″ / ø: 6.4 x L: 14.2 cm
  7. Weight: 20.8 oz / 589.7 g


  1. Wide Field of View: The 100° apparent field of view provides an exceptionally wide and immersive observing experience, allowing you to capture a large portion of the night sky.
  2. High-Quality Optics: The eyepiece features fully multi-coated optics, ensuring excellent light transmission and minimizing reflections, leading to high contrast and sharp images.
  3. Parfocal with 10mm Ethos Eyepiece: The eyepiece is parfocal with the 10mm Ethos eyepiece.
  4. Dual Barrel Diameter Compatibility: The eyepiece works with both 1.25″ and 2″ accessories, offering flexibility and convenience.
  5. Astigmatism-Correcting Capability: The eyepiece can accept DIOPTRX diopters, allowing users to correct astigmatism for an improved viewing experience.


  1. Higher Price: As a premium eyepiece with wide-angle and high-quality optics, the Tele Vue 13mm Ethos is more expensive compared to standard eyepieces.
  2. Large and Heavy: The eyepiece’s size and weight (20.8 oz / 589.7 g) may make it less suitable for compact or lightweight setups.

Telescope Eyepieces Buyers Guide - What To Look Out For

Telescope eyepieces play a crucial role in enhancing your stargazing experience by providing clear and detailed views of celestial objects.

Certain telescope eyepieces can be swapped between different telescopes, while others are not interchangeable.

If you’re curious about the process of attaching an eyepiece to a telescope, we have that aspect covered as well.

This comprehensive guide will walk you through the key factors to consider when selecting a telescope eyepiece, ensuring you make an informed decision.

Focal Length:

The focal length of the eyepiece is directly related to the magnification it provides.

Higher focal lengths result in lower magnification, while shorter focal lengths offer higher magnification.

It’s crucial to strike a balance between magnification and image quality.

Generally, a range of eyepieces with various focal lengths is recommended for different observing scenarios.

Apparent Field of View:

The apparent field of view (AFOV) refers to the extent of the sky you can observe at once.

A wider AFOV allows you to capture more expansive views, such as star clusters or large nebulae.

AFOV is typically expressed in degrees, and eyepieces with larger AFOV values offer a more immersive experience.

However, keep in mind that wider AFOV eyepieces tend to be pricier.

Eye Relief:

Eye relief is the distance between the eyepiece lens and your eye when the entire field of view is visible.

It is particularly important for eyeglass wearers, as longer eye relief allows more comfortable viewing without having to remove your glasses.

Generally, eye relief of 15 mm or more is considered ideal for eyeglass wearers.

Optics Quality:

Investing in high-quality optics for your eyepiece ensures crisp, distortion-free views.

Look for eyepieces constructed with premium glass elements and multi-coatings to minimize glare and internal reflections.

Additionally, consider eyepieces with a flat field design that provides evenly sharp images from the center to the periphery of the field of view.


Before purchasing an eyepiece, ensure it is compatible with your telescope’s focusing mechanism.

Eyepieces come in various barrel sizes, including 1.25 inches and 2 inches.

Check your telescope’s specifications to determine the appropriate barrel size for optimal performance.

Choosing the right telescope eyepiece is essential for a rewarding stargazing experience.


Considering factors such as focal length, apparent field of view, eye relief, optics quality, and compatibility will guide you in making an informed decision.

Remember, selecting a diverse range of eyepieces can enhance your versatility and allow you to adapt to different observing scenarios.

Embrace the wonders of the night sky with confidence armed with these guidelines.

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